Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Food Intentions: Update

In my effort to keep my 2008 Food Intentions alive, I've decided to post updates. To date, I have

  • roasted an entire fish (dourade), quite easily, stuffed with some fennel and lemon and the moral support of Liam (I am still a semi-recovering vegetarian who eats fish)
  • added salade to our dinner with my homemade vinegar to no avail (we still eat it to eat it and not because we enjoy it).
  • after a trip to Patrick Roger, I have inserted confiture into my day with little success, but might try this week with scones and pair those scones with a Chinese black after having a great one in Honfleur called gui hong.
Finally, you can see above a cheese course that I put together last week. Inspired by the ginger spread that Emily sent me back with me to Paris, I paired it with a pear and our new favorite: a 48 month-aged Gouda. Then, slightly inspired by reading an article in Saveur about how to pair ports, I got the idea of the sweetness of the gouda/ginger and the pear to pair with the bleu d'auvergne.

The pairings have made me happy for 3 days. Maybe 5.

Now, onto knowing more about my teas and picking up some salsify.


em emma said...

in the same vein i shall update you on my progress:

-butternut squash, brussels sprouts, and broccoli rabe are all kindred spirits of mine! i am close to conquering the previously-detested/now-skeptical-of Beet.
-i tried a gorgeous NYC vegan raw resto, with la fromagette herself!
-i consume massive amounts of green smoothie potions, ginger carrot home made juice, and kombucha.
-i give myself no flack (anymore) about how much i spend at whole foods. spending $ there is activism and a pro-active self investment in my health. (have not health insurance)
i am looking for an underground dinner club in NYC, vegan preferably.

Anonymous said...

I HATE tumeric, can we still be friends? Seriously, in my youth, before you were born, I thought I hated Indian food becuase I hated that universally yellow curry powder. Then I discovered Jaffrey and Julie and learned curry was just mixed spices and didn't have to have tumeric. I can tolerate a small amount now. So is fresh less tumericy? Janet