Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last year I set an ambitious list of food intentions. I bought Korean chiles, made Korean food a few times, and recently added the bulk of them to homemade chili powder. I never got to flavored cheeses, although I'm committed to cheese only from bklyn larder now. No cheese club, but I'm trying again. The breads never got baked, but they were replaced by piles of whole grains. There were parties before the school, and now that there's the school, there need to be more parties. A few food adventures - Atlantic Avenue, a foray into Flushing, Brighton Beach and Tanoreen. More to come. The 3-star restau was Per Se, and there was also Le Bernadin for my birthday, the latter with bizarre service and a gloriously impromptu singing of happy birthday by a server who had recently forgotten about our table. I have continued to cook dinner, although the time with which I can make it has decreased 50%. At least.

2010 Food Intentions
Drink 16 oz of water first thing each morning.

Dinners of high quality, in less than 30 minutes (freezing, prepping, cooking on the weekends to facilitate)

Whole grain breakfasts each week.

Blog 2-4x/month.

More food adventures - Japanese and Indian to start.

Dining out at an increasingly Italian list: dell'anima, Marea, Blue Hill, Mailano and more Williamsburg bites at Sel de Mer and Saltie.

Delicious treats that make me look forward to lunch (like olive oil tortas with anise pictured above)

Continue to run a school, cook dinner and enjoy food through June.

Bonne Annee!