Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Food Intentions

2010 was the year to pare it down. Working on preparing food in advance to lend itself to dinner in less than 30 minutes and eating more whole grains for breakfast, all the while figuring out to do it all the first year of the school.

By the time the new school year started this summer, I'd figured out more dinners, caught up on the blog and dined at Blue Hill (another picture to the left). By the close of 2010, I'd eaten so many olive oil tortas I'd finally tired of them, dreamed of a few more food adventures, and continue to force myself to drink more water each day.

I also spent a lot of my energy in 2010 attempting to read 50 books (and by 1/1/11 I had!) and figuring out how to double the size of my school and staff with still just one of me. I met my goal of going to the gym more often and with the help of a trainer, am working out enough that I needed to eat more as well. We dined at many old favorites and new, and I did my best to chronicle this through yelp.

2011 - I'm going to keep reading, but put my focus back on writing and finish my YA novel.
When it comes to food, I still need to figure out a system for cooking more on Sundays (initial forays into freezing shells stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and radicchio worked well), drink more water, and eat whole grains in the winter for breakfast. I also want to go to a new restaurant each month - right now I'm thinking about Franco-Korean pastries, new Italian places, French restaus in hotels with a focus on fish, and the elusive Korean taco.

As part of my writing goal, I also plan to blog more. Really. I do. Bonne Annee!