Thursday, February 21, 2008

Un Piquito Note on Chipotle

The list of things that I didn't used to like include, in no particular order, olives, anchovies, roasted red peppers, chocolate desserts over other desserts, savory breakfasts, and chipotles.

Time and again, Jasmine and I would have a conversation that would go like this:

Me: Mac and cheese is my favorite food, except for the two times I've food poisoned myself with it.

Jasmine: It's one of my favorites too! What do you think is the best recipe?

Me: My favorite is Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese 101. Cheddar. Gruyere or Pecorino, and chunky bread crumb topping.

Jasmine: My favorite has chipotle in it.

Me: No offense, but ew. I hate chipotle.

Five months in Paris and a 5 euro can of chipotles later, I will admit that I'm hooked. It may be the Black Bean Chili I've made several times for American-yearning friends that has it's smoky goodness all in it, or it may be that Bittman taught me to mix up some yogurt with chipotle powder and lemon juice and call it a bean croquette dipping sauce, or it may be that like a small child, I finally just tasted it enough to appreciate it, but I'm hooked.

Two shout outs: to Jennifer for sending me a package a la americaine that included some powdered chipotle and to Tina who took a list of the things I missed here and included in her package, as you see above, two cans of chipotle. I have enough for a whole other year in Paris. Merci.


david santos said...

Hello, Jessica!
Thanks for your posting and have a good day

Jasmine said...

Yay, finally, you have succumbed to the smoky delight of chipotle! Now you have to try that mac and cheese!

Phil said...

jessica! i really like your blog. you are definitely my style when it comes to food. and lisa and i just had chipotle peppers in our soup tonight. we've been making a lot of these soups in a (modern) pressure cooker from this cookbook by lorna sass. highly recommended. i definitely want to try this martha mac n' cheese. as for bittman, i haven't decided if i like him. i sent him an email scolding him for using monkfish in one of his recipes and he didn't have the cojones to reply. i guess i've become way too california with my sustainable fish crusades. take care and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

HI All,
Is there anywhere in Paris where I can find chipotle peppers with or without adobo sauce?
I am sure the chances are slim to none but I would be forever grateful if anyone knows of a place!
Thanks, Leith

Leith said...

HI All,
Does anyone know where I can find Chipotle peppers with or without adobo sauce in PARIS? I am sure chances are slim but I thought I would ask you all.
Thanks for your help!

jessica said...

yes - I think I got them at the vastly overpriced Thanksgiving in the 4th on Rue Saint Paul, and also maybe at L'Epicerie ... oh, and at Izrael in the 4th too.