Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New York here I come ....

List of things to get in New York:

  • dried chiles for mole

  • some jack/Asadero if I can sneak it in my bag

  • chili pepper

  • Trader Joe's snacks

  • Dr. Brommer's soap free of all preservatives coating me in French cleanliness

  • Tom's of Maine Peppermint Toothpaste

  • generic Claritin, a fat bottle of Advil, and contact solution that doesn't cost $25

  • yoga mat (not an 'exercise' mat 1" thick)

  • clothes that were probably made in a sweatshop (children, I'm very, very sorry)

  • upscale Mexican in the style of my most favorite Tacubaya (Berkeley)

  • aged Vermont cheddar

  • a cupcake

  • a cup of tea with Emily, with Kristen, and with Sara

  • a job?

NB: I am finally legal to visit France for a year! Last Friday we went to the prefecture to see if it were possible for me to travel to NY on my non-official carte de sejour and five minutes of a woman gossiping to Liam about how hard her job has gotten as a public servant since 1979 later and the laminated goodness which probably cost us, in total, close to $1000, was in my hands. Vive la France!


brazista said...

costco, here you come!! looking forward to hearing the details of your trip...

liza said...

shit, shit, SHIT.

i was in new york all last week.