Friday, December 28, 2007

Top 10 Food Intentions for 2008

10. Cook salsify.

9. Know my French cheeses, from the standards (like a properly ripened Brie and Camembert) to the only-in-France (raw milk please!) to cheeses I could never find in the U.S and return saying, "ahhh, if only I could get that ____ like we had in Paris....."

8. Know my oysters, not just #5s. And my scallops, mussels and other things that scare me just slightly enough to interest me at the fish market.

7. Back to the Basics: without the support of Bittman or Waters, be able to choose the vegetables and cook perfectly because I know waxy from starchy potatoes off the top of my head as well as I know when paratha dough is ready or remember when to braise or roast a turnip in the same way I can tell when the asafetida has been in the pan long enough.

6. Stuffed fish: purchase whole, bone, stuff, bake, eat. (Ask Liam's mom again for the recipe for dorade)

5. Nurse my vinegar mother.

4. Teach myself to enjoy salade at home - homemade vinagraite with my homemade vinegar, washing and drying the greens well, eating all the ones that look gorgeous at the market and buying so little that I wish I had more, not 500 grams and a frown from the older woman helping me and ignorant pride walking me home with so much salad I can't even get rid of it at a 20 person Christmas party.

3. Eat more confiture with my toast.

2. Take advantage of my close proximity to the beautifully colonial Mariage Freres and educate myself on the differences betweens Ceylan, Darjeeling, Assam and the others whose names I don't even know yet.

1. Have lunch at L'Arpege

Bonne Annee!

{Istanbul updates next week}


AdventuresInHousing said...

Mmm. Confiture! Almost any flavor is good - figue, abricot, mirabelle, fraise, etc.

EM said...

inspired and hitting you back with my top 10 food intentions for my vegan nyc 2008:
10. cook a new dinner entree recipe each week.
9. get myself, by continuing to "try" it, to like and appreciate mushrooms, beets, seaweed, and eggplant, like i did with olives, beer, yoghurt, and rice.
8. be at peace with myself that this is *not* going to happen with coconut, raisins, hard alcohol, anise, licorice, amaretto, or almond extract.
7. go to NYC's best vegan restaurants: caravan of dreams, candle 79, blossom.
6. pop to harlem for vegan soul food.
5. consume massive amounts of green smoothie potions, ginger carrot home made juice, and kombucha.
4. check out my local inwood farmer's market and buy everything local and yummy, making friends with the farmers and other neighborly patrons.
3. give myself less flack about how much i spend at whole foods.
2.spend less time in shitty flourescent dim grocery stores that depress me.
1.start a fantastic dinner club circle with low key pretty-vegan NYC folks.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I have some great cheese to recommend and we'll have to have you over for Tibo's famous's sooo yummy!