Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 goals, summer version

In January, I sat down and wrote food goals for the year. Ambitious, and yet bizarrely practical, la fromagette goes to work (didn't need 30 min dinners in Paris).

Winter gave me time to hit three - I soaked chick peas and froze them, pulled out adzuki and formed them into bean croquettes, went back to "meat" for quick weeknight dinners of tacos, buffalo wings, and chik patties. I drank a lot of water, for a week, and when that trailed off I faithfully drank 16 oz of whole leaf darjeeling at 6:30 am to transition from home to school to the frozen doorway where we greet the students every morning. I boiled whole wheat grains and topped them with yogurt, cranberries and pears, and brought it to meetings where teachers swooned and accused me of spending too much time on breakfast when I saw it as a time saver that was keeping me healthy each morning. I kept up the treats - a bar of Mast Brothers chocolate (newest favorite has roasted hazelnuts), the roasted hazelnuts, endless boxes of olive oil tortas, and as spring came - peas, rhubarb compote, and radishes.

We went to Saltie once, and today dined for a second time at breakfast at Locanda Verde. Big goal of Summer 2010 - Blue Hill at Stone Barns (tiny replication of confirmation email above) dinner this week. We will leave the city early in order to stroll the gardens, the pastures, and the vegetables. My two weeks of vacation will come to a close, but my summer hours and goals will continue through August - almost like the hours of a normal person (8:30-5) - time for tea, toast and perhaps, even working out before work. If not, I'll be in the window at Cafe Grumpy with a SCRATCHbread scone and chai latte, either way - it was bound to be part of my goals for the year.

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