Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marriage Countdown

High predicted for Saturday: 21. Low: 16.

Number of minutes of wedding ceremony at the mairie: 15

Percentage of French spoken at the ceremony: 100

Percentage of French-speaking participants: 50%

Number of translators that we elected to refuse: 1

Number of bus line that will bring us from the mairie to Jardin de Luxembourg: 96

Number of incredibly large, all-city music festivals happening on this pagan day in every corner, metro station and place: 1

Anticipated number of friends, visiting relatives and neighbors, and relatives participating in the pique-nique: 21

Total cheeses being served: 5

Total Pierre Herme macarons in a box: 35

Total Michelin stars for the Wedding Night Dinner For Two restaurant: 1

L'Arrondisement of Wedding Night Hotel: 4eme

Time of sunset on Saturday, June 21: 9:58 pm

Number of days after the wedding that I depart for New York: 2

Number of days until I get to see my husband again: 29

Hours per day I will be in school leadership training: 9-12

Days per week I will be in training: 6

Days we will have to 'honeymoon' in New York together: 6

Years we'll have together: Forever!



Martha said...

Congratulations!!! You didn't say the number of days before you visit all your old friends in Oakland. :)

granjan said...

Wishing you both the best of everything. Actually I think you have attained it, married in Paris on Mid-Summer's eve. I don't think it can get more romantic than that.We wished you well at group tonight.

Someone asked why you were getting married without all the usual friends and family AND an imminent separation. I don't really know but for me it would be so you could say for the rest of your life "We'll always have Paris" Much love, Janet