Monday, January 14, 2008

Galette des Rois

I have been the king, nay, queen, three times in just as many days.

How can you not love a cake that is traditionally buttery, filled with frangipaine, and hiding the feve (literally bean, here, a charm that's in the cake), and comes with a paper crown classier than any BK biddy dare wear?

And for three days, I have gotten the feve, meaning, I get to parade around in the crown and fell a general sense of superiority.

I'm going to start a feve collection. Tres francais a friend says. Even though the Epiphany, the 12th Night has come and gone, I can eat this galette through the end of the month. Wish me almonds, and tell me to write down all my goals for 2008 while the future looks so golden.


brazista said...

and it's so festive-looking! does it come with a song?

Mat said...

So does this mean you have to host three parties for Candlemas?

jessica said...

more that Liam and I just eat a lot of cake. and kind of rule out the party/celebration thing - thank god they make these cakes through the end of the month!